Canine Support Formula

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Full Spectrum CBD Oil for Dogs

For Discerning Pet Owners Who Want The Best For Their Canine Companion

  • Full-Spectrum Phytonutrient-Rich CBD
  • Solvent-Free CleanPull Technology
  • 2-In-1 Cannabinoid Extract (CBD+CBDa)
  • Independent Third-Party Tested

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24 reviews for Canine Support Formula

  1. Nancy Ulmer (verified owner)

    Canine Support Formula is just what was needed for our old dog of 12 years of age. She’s a playful happy girl & sleeps well all night.
    Thank you k9-medibles for creating this awesome product for my “sugar face!”

  2. Brenda Colvin (verified owner)

    My dog is 12 1/2 years old. She has arthritis in her hips and front legs. In the first two weeks of taking CSF she was walking with ease. After a month of taking CSF she is doing amazing! Thank you K9-Medibles for CSF. You so deserve the highest rating than can be given!!

  3. Ellen McCann (verified owner)

    I have been using CBD oil for my 14-yr-old arthritic, allergic pit/lab mix for about 2 months now and saw immediate results the first day: more playful, less stiff and she sleeps better. It gets really confusing with all the different products available, and honestly, because of the cost I usually buy either local or what’s on sale. I think this is a high quality product at a reasonable price. The fact that they publish lab test results is a big plus for me. I’ve been finding out about glyphhosates in pet food and when I email companies about product testing I get vague answers and no test results. I’m currently using this product right now and she’s doing good. Give it two thumbs up1

  4. Ellen McCann (verified owner)

    I forgot a tip for people wondering how to get this into their dog: I put the drops in a tablespoon with honey and she licks it right up. I give it to her a half hour before meals. I have read that CBD oils loses up to 80% of its effectiveness when ingested so honey gives it a chance go be absorbed sublingual. I believe this is the best method to get the most bang for your buck.

  5. Duane S DiCola (verified owner)

    Very happy with the Canine Support Formula. Give it to Nico and Domino, they’re both still young (3 1/2 & 4), so no big changes at this time. Nico was thrown from the car about a month ago and was lucky to just have cuts and abrasions. He’s recovered nicely and back to his crazy self! Still working on a better delivery system, but for now plan to place my next order. Thanks Curtis, great product!

  6. Torey Lynn

    CSF is a life saver! The 2-in-1 formula works wonders for pain, sleep and anxiety. I highly recommend this CBD oil for all the pooches out there!

  7. Chris Behnke (verified owner)

    I have been giving Winston our older Yorkie CSF for a while now, it’s helped him drastically with his leg joint pain.

    When we stop giving him CSF after a day or two he will hesitate to jump up onto the couch or a chair, but after only taking for 1 – 2 days he leaps right up no problem! It’s actually a profound difference between the Winston WITH CSF and the Winston without CSF.

    I highly recommend the product!

  8. Sue Talbot Pickens (verified owner)

    Both of my boys responded very well. I can definitely see a difference. Thank you

  9. Evelyn Temple (verified owner)

    The Canine support formula has helped immensely. The excellent science and easy to understand documentation was so very helpful – especially with the stress of dealing with all the “noise” of a sea of advice. It provided an extra level of stability and healing. The Canine Support Formula was the best support for my puppy! It relieves his pain with steady improvement in symptoms.

  10. Brenda Colvin (verified owner)

    A big thanks to Canine Support Formula for putting pep back into the steps of my soon to be 13 year old Blue Heeler. Arthritis so limited her activity but she is moving with ease and it is due Canine Support Formula.

  11. Anne (verified owner)

    Anxious 11 year-old happily adjusting better since taking this for the past two weeks. He’s had some changes and has been very anxious about it and vocal. This seems to have dramatically helped his anxiety yet he’s still a playful companion as well.

  12. Nancy Ulmer

    5 star…absolutely! our girl is still so relaxed & contented with this Canine Support Formula. Sleeps well at night instead of getting me up several times a night to find relief for her because of scratching due to allergies. For an old dog who will be 13 in 3 months she is playful & happy.
    Thank you for creating this awesome product!

  13. Rick Powell (verified owner)

    Snickers, my Silky Terrier, will be 16 on Nov. 25th. He had quit climbing up his stairs up to the bed and his “Sundowners” was pretty bad. A very restless boy at night. I am happy to report that just yesterday he was using his steps regularly again and he is sleeping peacefully through most nights. I am grateful that the k9 Medibles is working so well. His “brother from another mother” Peanut (a Bishon- ShihTzu of 12) is also getting the meds. He had some back pain and was reluctant to step up/ down to go outside. He seems much better. The k9 Medibles is the real deal!

  14. Marlene E. (verified owner)

    Best CBD oil on the market! and I’ve tried many for my GSD mix RudiBoy. Between genetic predisposition to hip dysplasia, joint issues, allergies etc, as well as new noisy neighbors, by now I’ve tried several CBD oils on Rudi. Expensive, but worked. Sort of. Then we tried K9 Medibles. What a huge difference! It works better, lasts longer, he almost likes it (apparently dogs do spit!) but much easier to get him to take than others. Easy to administer by pulling his lower side lip out.. best applied sublingually/any mucosal oral area, also per my vet. Really appreciate Curtis’ dedication. It not only brought him to this as human to a lucky dog that responded to his help but he continues to be a dedicated advisor to all us humans on our pets’ health and well-being. He also gave me the correct dosages for my 10# cat too (now if only he could be here to help hold her down 🙄)
    Altogether the best, most cost effective and most helpful customer service of all CBD oils out there. Highly recommend!!!

  15. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    Phenomenal supplement!
    Has significantly helped calm my anxiety ridden dog & eased the pain in my senior dog with multiple joint/leg issues.
    I have tried similar products in the past, without gaining any notable results. K9 Medibles uses high quality ingredients, well balanced concentration of CBD & has created an amazing, effective product that will benefit SO many!!

  16. Laura Fish (verified owner)

    Since starting my girl Blossom on the Canine Support Formula she’s more active and her allergies are getting progressively better. It’s only been a week but I believe CBD from K9 Medibles is the answer to fix her constant scratching. I’m still expecting more for her allergy relief, but like Curtis has said, it takes time to work on her immune system right now. Great product or our little dog.

  17. Reva Crump (verified owner)

    I am so happy I found this for my senior who is having difficulty get up. We used it below the theraputic level for a few days to make sure he would tolerate it. We then slowly upped it to the recommended theraputic level. We see improvement daily! I was having to assist him in lifting his hips off of the floor; no longer! The company has been caring in the emails it has sent to us. I followed the company for over a year on Facebook before our senior was in need. I am grateful to have found a company that cares about pets like I do.

  18. Joanie Summer (verified owner)

    We have two middle-aged pugs (7 & 8), both with arthritis, who have been taking CSF for 4 weeks. Billy Bob is walking much more confidently and is 1000% more happy and wants to play all night! Annie’s appetite has improved and she’s more alert and playful, as well. I’d tried CBD oil for Billy Bob in the past, but did not like the effects at all. I am very pleased with Curtis’ CSF, and have just ordered the second bottle!

  19. Allen S. (verified owner)

    Works excellent. My dog had a leg removed because of cancer and he is back to his old self. Even went swimming this morning. Had a blast!

  20. Nancy Hall (verified owner)

    The Canine Support Formula has been a life saver for my 15yr old fur baby, Dixie. She had begun having seizures and our Vet had tried several meds, but we were are the point of discussing of making the horrible decision of quality of life vs quantity of life. Our one last hope was to just try the Canine Support Formula …And I am so happy to say..NO..repeat NO seizures since she has been on the formula!!! She is moving and grooving more like a puppy, playing and running during the day and sleeping good sleep at night. I very much recommend Canine Support Formula !!!

  21. Nevada Mema

    I’ve not used this as of yet, however I have a question before purchasing. My Mastweiler is 6 1/2 y.o. She’s been on Rimadyl(?) , 75 mg twice day, for about 3 yrs due to hip issues. Can I use your
    CBD AND Rimadyl For her?
    Thank you…

    • curtis (verified owner)

      Hi Nevada,
      I appreciate your online question.

      In regards to using Canine Support Formula CBD oil for your girl along with the prescription medication Rimadyl, the answer is YES–you can use both!

      In fact, you will probably find your pup will need LESS of this NSAID after a short while on natural CSF.

      Here is a short blog on the side effects of Rimadyl for dogs and the benefits of CBD for canine pain and inflammation.

    • curtis (verified owner)

      Hi Nevada,
      I appreciate your online question.In regards to using Canine Support Formula CBD oil for your girl along with the prescription medication Rimadyl, the answer is YES–you can use both!

      In fact, you will probably find your pup will need LESS of this NSAID after a short while on natural CSF.
      Here is a short blog on the side effects of Rimadyl for dogs and the benefits of CBD for canine pain and inflammation.

  22. Mike Stoberski (verified owner)

    Our dog is battling pulmonary carcinoma and is undergoing chemo treatments. It is too soon to tell whether or not the Canine Support Formula is working with the chemo, but we believe it to be. So far one of her tumors has reduced significantly and we will find out about the others in a few weeks. We believe the Canine Support Formula helps her get over the effects of chemo and has helped her mobility greatly. Since being on the formula we have seen a marked increase in her activity level despite being pumped full of chemo every two weeks. We are hopeful for continued quality of life for our dog for the rest of her life.

  23. Christine Mckellar (verified owner)

    The difference in my 12 year old labradoodle within just a few days of taking the Canine Support formula was so amazing it nearly brought me to tears. She jumped on my bed like she used to. She went cavorting around the lagoon pool and she actually looks forward to long walks again. I have happily recommended this product to friends. Trixie actually seems to look forward to her doses. Excellent alternative to rimydal and other possibly harmful canine RX. 5 stars for sure!

  24. Corey (verified owner)

    K9 Medibles is an amazing product and we continue to use the CBD Oil. We started using the CBD Oil for our 10 year old GSP who suffers from hip and joint issues along with a torn ACL. We highly recommend K9 Medibles Products.

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Full Spectrum CBD Oil

K9 Medibles CBD-rich, 2-In-1 Canine Support Formula is simple & effective! Canine Support Formula is a full spectrum CBD oil intended for use in all dogs, all breeds and all ages.

We formulated our hemp CBD to both repair & restore your dogs innate homeostasis by supporting the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and included the therapeutic pain relieving benefit of CBDA for dogs who need extra special care.

Now Here’s What Makes Us Different…

Many CBD supplements use chemical solvents to extract cannabinoids from hemp oil. But our Canine Support Formula uses ZERO solvents so your dog receives a cleaner, healthier CBD supplement to rebuild and restore optimal health — NATURALLY!

K9 Medibles uses only the highest quality hemp grown in the USA, combined with a clean, solvent-free extraction that provides the best full-spectrum, medicinal hemp plant components and beneficial terpenes in the form nature intended.

Canine Support Formula

Your Canine Support Bottle Includes Our Exclusive 2-In-1 TRUE Full Spectrum™ Hemp Oil Containing:

1oz (30ml) Bottle:

  • 675 mg Total Cannabinoids In Each Bottle
    • 450 Mg Of CBDA (For Natural Pain Relief)
    • 225 Mg Of CBD (For Full Canine ESC Support
    • Terpene-Rich + Low THC Profile for Synergistic Effect
    • Smaller 1oz Bottle Ideal for Smaller Dogs Who Don’t Require as Much

2oz (60ml) Bottle:

  • 1350 mg Total Cannabinoids In Each Bottle
    • 900 Mg Of CBDA (For Natural Pain Relief)
    • 450 Mg Of CBD (For Full Canine ECS Support)
    • Terpene-Rich + Low THC Profile For Synergistic Effect
    • Larger 2oz Bottle For Easy Handling + Twice the Volume Than Most Brands

View the lab report here.

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