Short Leash for Dog Training


Build Trust & Confidence in Training Your Dog

Product Description Details –

  • Hand crafted with 100% high-quality, genuine leather
  • Durable, easy grip loop-handle that’s a double layer of stitched leather
  • Metal welded 360-degree swivel clasp hardware
  • Attaches to a collar or harness with easy, convenient, nickel-coated sleek bolt snap
  • Weight 0.5 lbs.
  • Length 24″
  • Handsome, smooth black leather for close training and stylish walks!

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Every dog enjoys a little “wiggle room” when it comes to learning a new skill. But when you’re walking in heavy traffic or congested areas loading and unloading your dog you need confident, firm collar control.

That’s why our stylish Short Leash for Dog Training is designed to support your dog on command. Thanks to the full premium leather stitching, broad loop handle and sturdy metal construction you can also enjoy some peace-of-mind as your training session safely unfolds.

Made in America, our short traffic lead gives you close control over your pup when you need more immediate feedback than a regular leash. Featuring 1″ wide solid domestic full grain leather, a heavy-duty swivel snap hook, double cap rivets for strength and a beveled edges for a softer grip.

Add a little luxury to your daily walks. Short Leash for Dog Training is approximately 24″ (60 cm) long & is comfortable enough to go on walks properly, reduce pulling and stay in a heel position.

What is a Dog Training Leash?

A dog training leash—or training lead—is a specific leash to help teach your dog how to go on walks properly, reduce pulling and stay in a heel position. Whether you are leash training a puppy or an adult dog, these tools can often be game changers.

Unlike a traditional 6′ leash for walks, a Short Leash for Dog Training is meant to keep a dog close to you while they adjust to using one. A good training leash should be both comfortable for your dog to wear and for you to hold. Unless you are practicing recalls or distance work, most training leashes should be short and easy to hold in the owner’s hand.

How do I use the Short Leash for Dog Training?

When training your dog, a leash should be available to keep your dog close to you or prevent your dog from getting hurt. However, you don’t want to use excessive force on your dog to make them behave.

Instead, your leash should be loose, and you should use ‘positive reinforcement’ methods to teach your dog acceptable behaviors and expand their skill set.

Leash training takes time and patience, but with consistent use, it can be an effective process. Introduce your puppy to wearing a collar or harness and leash so they can get used to the feel of it. Then teach them a specific cue, like “yes” or “come,” and then reward them with a treat. This way, your pup will soon associate the leash with fun and food.

Practice with your puppy or adult dog using the Short Leash for Dog Training inside your home before making a move outdoors.

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Short Leash for Dog Training